Date has been chosen…preparations in progress

15 10 2007

Alot has happenned since the last post, Casey Stoner has been crowned MotoGP World Champion and also he was victorious at the Australian MotoGP round at Phillip Island.

Just as important, the new date for the first Fr Bob Maguire Poker Run. The date is Saturday the 15th March 2008. This is two weeks after the Australian round of the World Superbike Championship.

We now have the support of Motorcycling Australia (thanks Dan), which is great news, and will begin to promote and organise the day. The plan is a ride around Melbourne. This will allow all forms of motorcycles to take part. Cruisers, sportsbikes, scooters and everything in between.

So put the date in your diary and watch out in motorcycle publications magazines for more updates on information. This site will also be more regularly updated with information.

100% of funds will be going to the foundation so we need volunteers / sponsors to assist with the running of the day, prizes and organisational costs. If you can help, please email us via the address on the right hand side of this blog.


Update: 1st August 2007

2 08 2007

Unfortunately due to forces beyond my control we will be postponing the event to early  2008. This will give us more time to ensure that it is a raging success.

We hope to align the event with the World Superbike event at Phillip Island in March 2008. The weather will be better (Victorian weather in October can be sketchy) then.


In Bob We Trust

5 07 2007


Once upon a time there was a young man who decided to become a priest.

 He has used his position to help those who cannot help themselves those souls that are discarded by a society that has fogotten them. Fr Bob Maguire is a rare soul on this earth. He is a man who tirelessly works to improve the lives of those that need help. 

Indiscriminately he and his merry bunch of supporters assist those who have fallen through the cracks of society or those that might be firmly wedged in the middle of one. 

Whilst I have not yet met the man (but hope to soon), I know that if there is anyone the unfortunate can trust it is Fr Bob. 

In Bob We Trust…I know that we can trust Fr Bob to speak out for those who have no voice. I know we can trust Fr Bob to do all he can to be a champion of those who have been deemed beyond help. 

In Bob We Trust…but let us not sit on our bums and let this man (yes he is just a man after all) carry the load. Me, you, us (the “We”) can help. 

So what can you do to help? 

Firstly go to Fr Bob’s website follow the links and make a tax deductible donation. Heartfelt praise unfortunately doesn’t supply blankets to the cold or put food into the mouths of the hungry. 

Secondly mark this blog into your favourites and keep logging in to check the details of the Fr Bob Maguire Poker Run. It will be a great day, and some great prizes will be up for grabs. No matter if you ride a 50cc scooter or the latest 1000cc crotch rocket, come along and show your support. 

All funds raised in the event will go directly to the foundation.

 All costs involved in the running of the event will be funded by our supporters and or the organisers themselves.

If you can help in anyway please let us know via a comment or email us (see home page for address) 


Coming Soon

30 06 2007

Hi all and welcome to the site,

This blog is to highlight an upcoming event in Melbourne Australia, the Fr Bob Maguire Foundation ‘Poker Run’.

The event is planned for the Sunday after the Australian MotoGP race, the 21st of October 2007.

It will be open to all motorcyclists and the journey will take you around Melbourne.

All funds raised during the event will be going to the Foundation.

It will keep you up to date with the planning and event as information comes to hand.

 If you are in Melbourne and can help out, be it your time or you own a business and can offer your product as a prize, please leave a comment with your details and I will get in touch.

In the mean time to find out more about Fr Bob and the Foundation, click on the link below…

Fr Bob’s Website

Dave (Organiser)